Creating Your Video Sessions

Snugg members have the unique ability to connect with their followers by creating what we call Sessions. Sessions are topics that set a clear expectation of what conversation your followers can expect when booking that time with you. 

Your session title, description, cost, and time are all able to be customized by you as the member.

So how should you get started? 

Before You Get Started:

1. Make an assessment of the content you currently cover on your channel.

Chances are, your followers are going to expect Session types similar to the types of content they are familiar seeing on your channel. To start off, we recommend narrowing down your material to one main area of content, then creating your Session types under that umbrella. 

For example, let's say you have a channel that covers both DIY crafts and fashion. We recommend picking one (to start) like DIY crafts. You will have plenty of opportunity to create a broader range of sessions at any point!

2. Consider the amount of time you would like to be engaged in a face to face video chat with a subscriber. 

How long are you comfortable talking to someone one on one? Your Snugg sessions can be as short as 15 minutes and as long as 5 hours! 

For example, maybe you’re comfortable with any amount of time up to an hour. This information will help you determine what Sessions could fit in that time span. 

You may decide to make Session types that are 15 mins, 30 mins, 45 mins, and an hour within the content area you are covering. 

For example:

  • 15 Minutes: Talk About Crafts $20

  • 30 Minutes: Talk About Crafts $30

  • 45 Minutes: Talk About Crafts $50

3. Determine what conversations you could comfortably have on a subject within your preferred lengths of time.

Let’s go back to our DIY Crafts example. Maybe you enjoy covering content related to crocheting, skirt making, and scrap-booking, and all three of these conversations will fit into your desired time lengths. Great! You have your first 3 Session types! Now all you have to do is determine how much you would like to be paid for each Session, then set your calendar availability for the times you wish to have these sessions.

Maybe content covers Health and Wellness. Don’t be afraid to get specific with your topics of conversation (ex. Meal Planning, Meal Preparation, Abdominal Exercise Routine, Calculating Your Macros) and allow for your Session conversation to branch out naturally as you realize and consider the needs of your subscribers. 


If you need any ideas to get you going, the Snugg team is here for you. Email us at for additional input or to brainstorm the best approach for your Sessions.