Setup Guide

One of us! One of us!

You are officially a member of team Snugg and on your way to becoming a leader in how members monetize their network and prioritize human connection. You are the future! Now... let's get you setup.

Log in to your account at and you will be automatically brought through Stripe on-boarding. This is where you enter the information required so that you get paid!

Setup Your Snugg Page

Show the world who you are! This is the page people will see when they click your Snugg link. Customize your Snugg page by setting social links, a description of what you offer and edit your color theme.

Video Sessions: Create a Session Type

Click on "sessions" on your dashboard.

What do you want to talk about? Session types are topics of conversation you're willing to have with you subscribers. With each new topic write a description and set a price for your time.

Click "Create New Session Type" to get started.

Video Sessions: Add Availability

Now that you have sessions available, the next step is to open your schedule so that subscribers can book time with you.

Click on a calendar date to add availability.

Post Your Link

Let the world know you’re available!

Return to your dashboard, copy your Snugg link and post it anywhere people will see it:

  • In the description of your Youtube Channel

  • In the about section of your Youtube Channel

  • On social media accounts

  • In emails, on your blog or website

Business Inquiries

Set a price for those wanting to send you a direct message or business inquiry. Select "Business Inquiries" on your dashboard to get started..

Click on the dollar value to set a price for contacting you.


You can navigate to your account settings from your dashboard. In settings you can manage your internal account options and customize what features you have available on your Snugg page.

In settings you can turn the following on or off:

  • Video Sessions

  • Donations

  • Business Inquiries


You can navigate to payments from your dashboard. In payments you can view your available or pending funds and get paid out . This is also where you can view or update your Stripe information.