Preparing For Your Session

Long before your session begins it’s a good idea to put thought into what you’ll say and how you’ll deliver the best experience for your Guest. Keep in mind, they’re paying to talk to the person they see in videos every week. The bottom line is they want to speak to the most authentic version of you.

While you’re free to use your Snugg session however you’d like (within our Member Agreement) the best calls are those where your Guest feels like you made a real human connection.

If it’s an AMA session; be open and free. Guests don’t have the ability to record calls so you’re protected from anything you say being spammed or shared on other sites.

If it’s an advice/coaching call, consider having a plan or at least a few points to drive the conversation.

If the call is part of a sales/marketing strategy then think about what other services you can offer during the call.

Consider, encouraging repeat calls. Having just a handful of your Guests engaged in weekly or monthly calls can bring in a steady stream of revenue that can fund your brand and who know? Maybe become your full time job.

There are endless ways to use Snugg but the most important thing to remember is to stay genuine and true to who you are. You’re in complete control of your session so if anything inappropriate occurs, you don’t feel comfortable or the Guest doesn’t stick to the agreed topic you’re free to end the call at anytime.