What is Snugg?

Snugg is a platform that allows people to book video sessions with their favorite members.


Snugg from the member perspective is a set of tools specifically designed to allow for monetization off of social networks. With Snugg you can monetize right away in ways that bring authentic connection to your subscribers.

We have launched with our video chat feature that offers face to face video sessions between subscribers and members. Members create profiles, topics of conversation they wish to have with their subscribers, and availability on a public calendar. After doing this the member simply posts their unique link in the description of their social media, giving their audience the ability to book one on one video chats with them. At the time of the session, a two way video portal is opened up in Snugg that allows both users to have a conversation, and for members to bring in a predictable source of  income outside of ad clicks and sponsorships.