How Do I Manage My Availability?

Your time is valuable. Here we’ll use availability blocks to control your schedule by letting subscribers only book session types at times you set.

Creating Availability Blocks

After you’ve created an account, have been approved by Snugg, created your Snuggery and set up your Session Types the next step is to create your Availability Blocks. To create an availability block:

  1. Login to Snugg.

  2. From the Snugg Dashboard, click sessions with the video icon.


  3. Select a date from the calendar. 


  4. Click “create availability block” and select the starting time of your availability block to when it ends. It is here that you can set up repeating time blocks if you wish to do so. Additionally you can select if you want all session types available during this block, or just one in particular.


  5. Finally, click “Add Availability Block” to save.

  6. You’ve now created an Availability Block!

  7. Add another availability block to this day or close the window to add another block to a different date.

  8. You have now determined when subscribers can book video chat sessions with you.

If you’ve already created your snuggery, linked your bank account, created session types and your availability blocks you’re finished! Click your unique Snugg link at the top of the page to copy and paste it anywhere you’d like. This includes sites like Twitter, Intagram, TikTok, your website, YouTube and anywhere you’d like to place it.

You’re now ready to start taking calls!