Why was I denied?

Influencers are manually approved by the Snugg Team. This process includes reviewing your content and channel information. Whether you are approved or denied you will receive an email from Snugg letting us know of our decision. If denied, you may reapply after 60 days.

You may have been denied for one of the following reasons:


Your subscriber or engagement levels on your social profile were too low to qualify.

If after reviewing your information our team finds your subscriber base to be too low, we will deny your application. We encourage you to take this time to build your following and engage with your subscribers!


Your content does not fall in line with our Community Standards outlined in the Influencer Agreement.

If after reviewing your content our internal team concludes that your material doesn’t reflect our current Community Standards you will not be given access to utilize our platform.


Your channel is already in use for another account ID.

If you think this may be a mistake please report it to Snugg support.