How Do I Start A Video Chat Session?

Once you’ve customized your Snuggery, created session types and availability blocks you can post your Snugg link anywhere to begin making money by hosting Video Chat sessions.

Once someone clicks your Snugg link and books a session you will be sent an email letting you know the date and time. In addition, you can login to your Snugg account and see any upcoming sessions on the right side of your dashboard.

Clicking the “Join” button more than 15 minutes before the call will open the “Text Chat” session.

Here you can see the session type, person you’ll be talking with and the date and time of the call. In the chat box underneath you can send chat messages to the guest before and during the call, and also up until the time it is finalized.

At the time of the session, you will select your audio device and camera device. Then you will be all set for your guest to join you.