How Do I Setup My Snuggery?

Setting Up Your Snuggery

Your Snuggery is a personal page you can customize and functions as the front facing profile to people who click your Snugg link. To setup your Snuggery for the first time follow these steps:

  1. Login to Snugg

  2. Upon initial login you will be taken through all of the steps for on boarding, starting with the Snuggery. The first thing you will see however is verification on what services within your account you want turned on or off.


  3. After selecting continue, you will be brought automatically to your Snuggery page where you can customize title, description, your profile picture, colors.


  4. Additionally you will be able to change your banner image by selecting the camera icon and your font choices by selecting the dropdown arrows.


  5. Be sure to save everything!

That’s it! Your Snuggery is setup!