So you may be asking yourself, why Snugg? 

We are the social network for Influencers.

Snugg is the only social network designed specifically for influencers and the tools they need as creators. We have launched our platform with booking Sessions and Video Chat, but we have so much more planned to make your life easier and more profitable. Snugg is the new standard for influencers wanting to do what they love, monetize their network, and connect with their audience.

We are the official backstage pass.

Before Snugg there was no predictable way for subscribers to get in touch with their favorite influencers - not to mention have a safe and secure one on one interaction with them. Snugg has made this possible by creating a platform that serves as direct access from subscribers to influencers. 

We take care of everything.

Do services exist for booking, video, and payments? Of course. But Snugg is the only platform that requires no additional downloads, logins, or knowledge of software for the user that is booking, and no additional emails, linking, or manual follow up from the influencer. We do it all. Sessions, payments, video chats, are all hosted on our secure platform. Just like friends in real life, it should be easy to get in touch and talk to your favorite influencer, and Snugg allows for this to happen.