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When a Session is ended by the influencer, the two-way video window will close and the chat feature will no longer be available. When Ending a Session you’ll have the option to tell us if everything went great or if there was a problem. If there was a problem, you’ll be prompted to give us further clarification. Selecting either option does not affect your payout, and the funds for this session will be available in the Payments dashboard regardless of choice. If you decide to end a session because your a subscriber violated the Snugg User Agreement, then that subscriber will no longer be able to book a session with that influencer using the email address they provided for booking the original session.Likewise, a subscriber can rate calls as good/bad. If we see a pattern of reports suggesting multiple “bad” interactions your account may be investigated/suspended.


You’re in complete control of the session. If you choose to end a session early and report the user then we will ban that user’s email address and they will not be refunded. You will still be paid for the call. If you abuse this option we may investigate/suspend your accountstill get paid.